If this chart does not help you, I recommend looking at the diagrams in the lab book. Remeber, from the aorta it goes:
aortic arch to
brachiocephalic trunk to common carotid arteries and right subclavian artery

or pass brachiocephalic trunk to left subclavian artery
if you pass this then you go down the descending aorta
through the diaphragm from the thoracic to the abdominal aorta

first the Celiac artery comes
then the Cranial Mesenteric
then the Renal artery
the Gonadal artery
the Caudal Mesenteric
the External Iliac artery
the Internal Iliac artery
and down to the legs

Look where an artery or vein is going to or coming from if you aren't sure which it is